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Global Biz Buyer Website | Buy & Sell Bossiness Online

Guy Partridge Web Design has designed and built a brand new website to buy and sell businesses online. This website is named Global Biz Buyer and the websites address is Anyone selling a business can list it for sale on the online directory. It’s easy to create an account and sell your business online. Prices start from £20.00 per month or $25.00 per month. You can setup your monthly subscription using your PayPal account. Once you have sold your business you can cancel your account. Because Global Biz Buyer does not charge a 3, 6, 12 month fee and only a 1 month fee it means once you have sold your business, you cancel your subscription which can save you money. If you have paid for a 12 month listing and you sold your business within 2 months you have wasted 10 months listing fee.

You can add as much information as you need to advertise your business for sale, you can also add images and a google map location.

Any buyers that contact the seller, the seller will receive messages direct to their inbox. The seller holds full control on how they want to sell the business and if they choose to reply to the buyer.

Buyers can search for businesses for sale in any country and any type of business, buyers can enter keywords to search for a business for sale and also search by price. Buyers do not need an account to search for businesses for sale.

Buyers & Sellers can contact the support at any time via online chat or email, Global Biz Buyer will message back or email back fast to keep the support its very best it can offer.

So if you are looking to buy or sell a business give Global Biz Buyer a try and right now its currently free. Thats right, there is an offer running so you don’t pay anything to advertise your business for sale online.