Order 2 Table Smart Phone Ordering App

Looking for an app for your Pub, Bar or restaurant. Look no further. Order2table is the perfect app for your venue to use. Order 2 Table comes with support for all venues and a free menu input. All your venue has to do send over there menu to order 2 table by email and within just a couple of days your menu is convert to an online store for your Pub or Bar.

Order 2 Table has a ton of features and more features coming every month has the platform develops. Below is a list of features order 2 table has to offer

  • Ordered Screen can be viewed on any Tablet or Desktop Via Web Browser. Google Chrome is recommended. Once an order is received you will hear a chime. 
  • Sales Reports
  • We will setup your Menu. Its easy to add or edit menu items
  • Can view custom sales reports including top sellers
  • Setup custom coupons for customers to use
  • When a new order comes in your web browser will make an alert sound
  • Your Online menu will include a banner & photo of your choice
  • Payments go directly into your Stripe account
  • You can refund a customer if you need
  • Customers can hop between venues and still use the same app to order food and drink. Ease of use for customers rather then having lots of apps for each venue.
  • Guests simply scan QR code to view menu or visit order2table.co.uk.
  • Anytime Support
  • Customers can create an account for quick future ordering

So many features and remember lots more adding every month.

If you would like order 2 table your your restaurant or bar give Order 2 table a visit!