Our hosting package compared to doing it your self

Our hosting package compared to doing it your self

Overview: Colossal Web Services vs. DIY Web Hosting vs. Wix

When considering the management and operation of your website, it’s crucial to understand the cost implications and the level of support and flexibility offered by each option. Here’s a concise comparison:

Feature DIY Web Hosting Wix Colossal Web Services
Monthly Cost £22.24 Variable* £25.00
Included Services Domain Name, Web Hosting with SSL (GoDaddy), Professional Email (Office 365), Elementor Pro Plugin Website Builder, Hosting, Domain (1st year free, then paid), Professional Email (via Google Mail, paid separately) Website Hosting, Unlimited Professional Emails, 1 Domain Name, SSL Certificate, Website Maintenance, System Updates, 10 Days Website Backups, Page Updates, 7 days a week Support, Elementor PRO License, Pro Caching Plugin
Ease of Use Requires technical knowledge User-friendly but limited flexibility Hassle-free; everything is managed for you
Support and Maintenance Self-managed or need to hire externally Limited support; additional costs for premium 7 days a week support included
Flexibility and Customisation High (with technical expertise) Limited; not preferred by professional designers Customized to client needs; fully managed
Billing Simplicity Multiple bills and vendors Up to 3 bills (website, domain after 1st year, professional email) Single bill per month; one point of contact for changes and support

*Wix’s cost can vary significantly based on the chosen plan and additional services. The first year domain is free, after which it is paid separately. Professional email, powered by Google Mail, also incurs a separate charge, potentially leading to three separate billing invoices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cost Efficiency and Complexity: DIY web hosting and Wix may initially appear more cost-effective, but they involve multiple bills and additional charges for services like domain renewal and professional email. Colossal Web Services offers a comprehensive package for a single monthly fee of £25.00, covering all necessary services and simplifying billing.
  • Simplicity and Comprehensive Support: Colossal Web Services provides an all-in-one solution that includes everything from hosting to support, eliminating the need to manage different service providers and ensuring professional website management and maintenance.
  • Flexibility and Professionalism: Wix’s ease of use comes at the expense of customisation and professional design flexibility. Colossal Web Services offers a balance of professional design capabilities and ease of use, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking a professionally managed web presence without the complexities of self-management.

This comparison underscores the value of choosing an all-inclusive web management service like Colossal Web Services, which simplifies the web management process and offers comprehensive support, contrasting with the piecemeal and often more complex approaches of DIY web hosting and platforms like Wix.